Cabot Cliffs

Cabot Cliffs is ranked the top golf course in Nova Scotia and ranked 19th best golf course in the world. Cabot Cliffs is an amazing golf course and the views surpass the stunning views of Cabot Links.

You will need to walk the course as they do not offer golf carts.

A round at Cabot Cliffs will set you back $120 out of season (May 11 – June 7 and October 8 – October 21) and $295 in season (June 8 – October 8).

Even though it is on the expensive side, I have to say it is definitely worth the money to go and shoot a round. There is amazing views from every hole. The course is well thought out. I would recommend getting a caddy as well to help guide you through the course. He will tell you everything that you need to know and even carry your clubs for you since you cannot take a golf cart. They offer a shuttle every 15 minutes from Cabot Links. You can park at Cabot Links and they will shuttle you over. All of the amenities for Cabot Links / Cabot Cliffs is located at Cabot Links.

After the round is over, make sure to stop in the gift shop. They have a lot of golf gear there. Also, make sure to stop in one of their restaurants. The food that they serve is top notch!

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